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M*A*S*H S10

Instant rapport develops between personnel of a U.S.O. troupe and the M*A*S*H unit when the entertainers must make an unscheduled stop at the 4077th; one of their singers needs an emergency appendectomy. Marina falls in love with Hawkeye, who saved her life by performing her operation, while Potter finds an immediate mutual fondness with Brandy, a burlesque performer that Potter remembers spinning her tassels in a Kansas City hall years ago. When the roads leaving camp are closed due to nearby gunfire everyone is glad to spend more time with the performers. Klinger and Fast Freddie, the comic, while away the days throwing horrible one-liners back and forth, and Charles finds himself increasingly attracted to a female musician. Father Mulcahy busies himself searching for singer Sarah’s GI brother and then has the sad duty of telling her he was killed in action. The U.S.O. unit thanks the 4077th for their hospitality by staging a show for their new friends and all are feeling bittersweet when the troupe must again be on its way, entertaining more soldiers in need.